There are various Spiritual Organizations that have been formed and associated with Mor Ignatius Jacobite Syrian Church - Ayroor. These Organizations play a key role in the day to day activities of the church and help to foster an environment to carefully nourish and nurture the healthy development of the Parish members.
Youth Association
There are three Prathanayogams namely Saint Peeters Prathanayogam, Saint Elias Prathanayogam and Saint Geegorious Prathanayogam.
It is the youth wing of the parish aiming at the spiritual and temporal development along with personality development of its members. Youths have always been a major tool for implementing this parish activities, although it acquired the formal outfit of an association only in the recent past.  Its mission is to strengthen the younger generation of the parish in a disciplined manner befitting to Christian philosophy and principles. They up bring the parish by taking worship service, extend helping hand to fellow members and to their community, learn gospel through realistic instructions of catholic, apostolic canonical creeds and conserve traditional rites of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian church which is under the Holy see of Patriarch enthroned to the sovereign chair of St. Peter of Antioch and all the East
Martha Mariyam Vanitha Samajam
The Martha Mariyam Vanitha Samajam of our church meets on a regular basis on all fridays. They come together in prayer,singing devotional songs and reading passages from the Bible. One of our priests will be there to lead the meetings and prayers. The activities of the group include prayers for sick people, hospital visits, charity work, bible studies.etc. This year they sponsored a girl for completing her Nursing course.
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