V. Rev. M.C. Varghese Cor-Episcopa
(B.A; B.D; B.T)
V. Rev. M. C. Varghese Cor-Episcopa, Mannakuzhiyil who served this church as co-vicar,Vicar and Honorary Vicar for 60 years from the beginning of AD 1944 to April 2003 was born on 3rd November 1914 to Mr & Mrs. Koshy Chacko and Saramma, founder of this Church. Ordained as Msmrono(sub-deacon) on Medam 18th ( May 1,1927) along with Thomas Nirannanilethu by the late lamented Mor Dionysius Michael, the then Metropolitan of Thumpamon Diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Church, at the age of 12. Completed his E.S.S.L.C in 1930, took B.A. degree from the Madras University in 1934. Studied in Madras Christian College and in the Union Christian College, Aluva, he was trained in Church Sciences under Mor Athanasius Poulse, Mor Dionysius Michael, and under the still living Malphano Dr. Curien Cor-Episcopa Kaniamparampil, and had become very fluent especially in the liturgical language, Syriac. Continued his studies in the Serampore College (Calcutta) and became a graduate in Theology (B.D). He has had the distinction of receiving this degree for the first time to a priest of the Jacobite faction of the Malankara Syrian Church in 1939.  In 1939 he was invited to hold the post of Headmaster of the newly established Mor Kaumo School in the northern part of Travancore Viz Vengoor, in which post he continued till 1943. In 1942 he got married to the daughter of the brother of Mor Dionysius Michael and later in 1943 was ordained Kassisso by Mor Michael himself. His first appointment as Vicar of a Church was to St. Thomas Jacobite Church Chengalam ,Kottayam, and, ofcourse,as co-vicar to this Church. Leaving the school job at Vengoor he joined as high school assistant in a school at Mezhuveli and then as a teacher in M.S. High School, Ranni where he served over 25 years, the latter nine years as Headmaster there. During the early period as High School Assistant he was awarded B.T. degree too (in 1946).

In his career as a clergy in the Jacobite Church, he had served as Vicar in nearly 20 churches besides this church. He has been the Diocesan Secretary of the Jacobite Church several times and was instrumental in upholding the apostolic faith when he church was threatened by schism of heterodoxy. In 1975, when the Jacobite church faced the greatest threat, he along with a few priests of his age and above came forward to protect the faith handed over to him by his forefathers, by installing Mor Curilose Kuriakose as Metropolitan for Southern dioceses.  Considering his meritorious services to the church he was elevated to the post of Cor-Episcopa in 1977 by H.B. Baselious Paulose II Catholicose of the East, who was renowned by him very much. He was Malpan to many deacons in the Southern Dioceses.

Cor-Episcopa Varghese expired on 25th April 2003 leaving 6 children, 12 grand children and 4 great grand children. His dukhrono is being celebrated every year at this church where he was entombed on 25th April.

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